Old Winchester Hill in the snow
Muddy boots and grubby fingers are indicative of my practice and investigations into landscape. My paintings and drawings shift between abstraction and narrative, always with consideration of the materials I use and the marks I make. My work ranges in scale from tiny monotypes through to larger works on canvas and installations.
Capturing the tonality and texture of the rural landscape is fundamental to my approach. Yet behind the Romanticism of landscape there is another hidden aspect: that of kings and conquests, cultivation and food production, microbes and magic; the unseen rules and boundaries of power. I seek to challenge my own preconceptions in order to uncover the complex layers of landscape. In doing so I incorporate geological, sociographical and literary references into my way of working, both implicitly and explicitly in my application of marks and materials.
During lockdown and without access to my studio, my practice has taken a figurative turn as I document my everyday landscape in a series of daily charcoal drawings and writings. From a reluctant family walk, to a midwife setting off to work the drawings reveal glimpses of daily life in extraordinary times.