Old Winchester Hill in the snow
My work is currently concerned with the landscape of the South Downs. The contours, ancient yew forests, agricultural pastures, chalk and flint, paths and tracks, and the drama of light and weather inform my paintings.

Chalk is a hugely significant part of the South Downs geology and I explore its versatility in my current work. This abundant material, poignant as a trace of once-living organisms, can be used in so many ways: as sculptural matter, as paint, texture and drawing medium. The use of chalk and other materials such as charcoal, soot, ice and ash form an ecological commentary on our material age, emphasising how society could do more with what it extracts from the earth. Using materials from a particular locality provides me with an intense connection to place when I am working in the studio.
I use a range of media but I feel most connected with my work when I can draw and use my hands. Pastel and charcoal lend themselves beautifully to this approach and I layer them up, blending with ink and paint to explore the tonality and texture of the landscape in an expressive way .